Before deciding on a mobility scooter you may wish to review the following information.

Consideration for your safety is paramount, we recommend that you consult with a medical professional (Physician, Occupational or Physiotherapist, Nurse) before you invest in a mobility scooter.

  • Why Consider A Mobility Scooter?

    If you are tired after walking a short distance and would appreciate the extra mobility, a mobility scooter can bring independence and fun back into your life.

    A mobility scooter is convenient for getting your own groceries, visiting friends, shopping, or just enjoying a great summer day.

  • Before You Decide To Purchase.

    Could You Safely Drive A Scooter?

    Our senses may decrease with age, or be affected by the development of a medical conditions. You and your medical professional may want to evaluate your capability to operate a scooter safely.

    Good Vision, Perception, Coordination, & Balance is required.

  • Practical Considerations

    Are you aware of the traffic rules for pedestrians?

    When you drive a scooter, the same pedestrian rules will apply to you.

    Where would you store your scooter?

    In your garage, parkade, your home?

    Would it fit in the elevator if needed? This should be considered when thinking about the size you want.

  • Mobility Scooter Performance

    How far can you go on a scooter?

    The manufactures publish their best estimate of the scooter's capabilities. Note that there are factors that will affect the real distances you achieve.

    • Weight of the rider which makes the motor work harder.
    • The type of terrain that influences rolling resistance.
    • Weather conditions such as rain, snow, and wind.
    • Grade of any hill encountered
    • Age of battery and how battery has been conditioned
    • Headlamps may add to drain on battery.
    • Inflation of tires.

    These factors could reduce the published distance significantly.

    How fast do you need to go?

    While driving indoors or on busy sidewalks your speed should be limited to the same pace of the other pedestrians.

    Mobility scooters will have a top speed from 5 k/h to 17 k/h

  • What Are The Benefits Of Some Mobility Scooter Designs?

    Mobility scooters are available in three and four wheel designs.

    Sizes range from small portable models, medium size, and large scooters for outdoor use.
    What type of surfaces you plan on driving on? The rougher the terrain, the larger the wheel that is required.

    Are you a big person?

    There are scooters designed to carry people up to 500 lb. These mobility scooters have a larger seat, frame and wheels to accommodate the higher carrying capacity.

  • Buying Your Mobility Scooter

    Regardless of your choice of dealer, please purchase from a **local Home Care Mobility Company.** These dealers want to maintain good relations with you, the community, and the medical professionals who may refer you to them.

    Purchasing your scooter over the internet or from a big box retailer could make the after sales service more difficult and expensive.

    Choose a common brand from a dealer who has been in business over 5 years. If the company or manufacturer go out of business you may have no options for repair or service.

    Ask the dealer where the servicing is done and if they are able to pick up the scooter when it needs repairs. You would want them to stock basic items like batteries, tires, and accessories.

    Will the dealer modify the scooter or controls if you have special needs? Often the controls may need to be reversed if one hand is more dominant than the other.

    Is the scooter uncomfortable when you sit on it? Do your legs feel cramped? If they do, then do not choose it. You would regret riding it every day. Take your time making a decision. If you are not certain, ask the dealer to bring the scooter to your home so you can trial it there.

  • Transporting Your Mobility Scooter

    When you need to transport your scooter a longer distance, you will have the following options.

    If your scooter is portable, you can disassemble and place the scooter in the trunk of a vehicle. However, if you have a medium or larger sized scooter, transport is a bit more challenging.

    If you have a van or pick up truck you could use aluminum ramps to put your scooter in the vehicle. The downside is that handling the ramp, and driving the scooter up the ramp can be difficult. You should **never sit on the scooter while it is being driven up the ramp.**

    You could install a scooter lift. A scooter lift makes loading simple and easy to perform, even if you have physical limitations. The scooter is either driven on to a lifting platform, or used with a docking collar and lifted with an electrical motor and placed in the vehicle. The is the safest, fastest, and most convenient method to load any scooter.

  • Prepare For Your First Ride

    • After our staff provide you with a inservice on the mobility scooter, we suggest you become familiar with the service manual.
    • Check to see if your seat in the right position and can you see the control.
    • If you are new to mobility scooters would you be able to have another person who could go with you on your first ride?
    • We suggest you practice driving your scooter and know how to negotiate the type of terrain you may encounter.
    • Dress for the weather conditions. Do you need a sun hat or raincoat?
    • Do you have a plan for the route you are going to take?
    • Is your scooter charged and ready for the distance?

  • Safety Items

    • Do you have a reflective flag? Your scooter store should have these. They are great as a visibility item. Ask the dealer to include it in the price at the time of purchase.
    • Do not overload your scooter with bags or parcels. If you require additional room, consider a rear basket to carry more items (Available at the scooter dealer). An overloaded front scooter basket may be a problem as the excess weight will cause the steering column to shake at higher speeds.
    • If you use oxygen, consider oxygen bottle holders mounted on the scooter. This will provide you with a safer more comfortable ride.
    • Having a cell phone can help get you out of a jam. Is your cell phone charged and turned on?

  • Driving Tips

    • Slow down when you make turns.
    • Using caution turning uphill while driving. The angle of the slope and your speed could cause the scooter to tip.
    • If an automobile is parked near your crossing, use extra caution to make sure other drivers can see you.
    • If you are in a mall or on a busy sidewalk there may be people walking much slower than your scooter. Remember that even if a scooter is considered a pedestrian, you must yield to people walking.
    • Driving in rainy conditions and through water puddles could damage the motor or controls. Also try not to use the scooter during very cold weather with snow and ice.
    • When you step off your scooter, you should always take the keys out first as you do not want to touch the throttle while getting on or off the scooter.
    • Look for ramps or curb cuts to use instead of driving straight off of a curb. You may want to know if there is a ramp on the other sidewalk as you do not want to get stuck on the road.

    If everything is a go then enjoy the ride and your new found mobility. If you have any questions, please call us at MEDmobility

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