In Alberta we are fortunate to have various funding resources for citizens who require a wheelchair. In most cases any Alberta citizen will qualify for full or partial coverage. The type of wheelchair you would receive will depend on factors such as:

• Age
• Weight
• Type of medical condition
• Level of physical disability
• Special needs
• Frequency of use
• Environment where wheelchair will be used.

Once you have made contact with a funding agency they will assign a medical professional (Usually an Occupational or Physical Therapist) to visit you to complete an assessment of your mobility needs.

Drop by and we would be happy to direct you to available funding and inform you of your options.

Manual Wheelchair Types

Folding Frame

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  • Offer a high level of adjustability, and can accept all types of seating systems, footrests and arms
  • Designed for easy portability
  • Choice of either steel or aluminum
  • Footrests are removable, as well as arms and wheels on some models
  • A great choice for the more dependent user who does not need maximum efficiency in propulsion
  • Generally heavier than rigid chairs due to folding cross-braces

Rigid Frame

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  • Eliminates the flex associated with folding manual chairs, and offers a higher level of performance
  • Lighter weight, can be made with steel, aluminum or even titanium
  • Footrests can be fixed or removable, but the frame itself is fixed which means the wheels must be removed and the back folded down to allow transport in a typical vehicle
  • The choice of the full-time independent user due to their high efficiency


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  • Transport Wheelchairs are intended to be pushed by a caregiver.
  • Small wheels - More suited for indoor use.
  • Lightweight (14 to 28 lbs.) The transport chair is easy to push, and lighter than a reqular wheelchair by as much as 50%.
  • The transport chair is more compact and easier to load in a car.
  • Less expensive than a reqular wheelchair.

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