Folding Frame

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  • Offer a high level of adjustability, and can accept all types of seating systems, footrests and arms
  • Designed for easy portability
  • Choice of either steel or aluminum
  • Footrests are removable, as well as arms and wheels on some models
  • A great choice for the more dependent user who does not need maximum efficiency in propulsion
  • Generally heavier than rigid chairs due to folding cross-braces

Rigid Frame

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  • Eliminates the flex associated with folding manual chairs, and offers a higher level of performance
  • Lighter weight, can be made with steel, aluminum or even titanium
  • Footrests can be fixed or removable, but the frame itself is fixed which means the wheels must be removed and the back folded down to allow transport in a typical vehicle
  • The choice of the full-time independent user due to their high efficiency


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  • Transport Wheelchairs are intended to be pushed by a caregiver.
  • Small wheels - More suited for indoor use.
  • Lightweight (14 to 28 lbs.) The transport chair is easy to push, and lighter than a reqular wheelchair by as much as 50%.
  • The transport chair is more compact and easier to load in a car.
  • Less expensive than a reqular wheelchair. They can usually be purchased from $199 to $360.