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MEDmobility would like to extend a special "Thank You" to Invacare Canada for sponsoring this presentation by Kathy Fisher!

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Kathy Fisher B.Sc.(OT)

Deborah L. Pucci

With a background in Occupational Therapy Kathy has worked as an Assistive Technology Supplier and clinical educator and is now Clinical Business Development Manager at Invacare Canada.

Kathy has been involved in the provision of high technology rehabilitation equipment with complex clients in a variety of diagnostic categories including paediatrics and bariatrics. Kathy has presented internationally at a variety of conferences including the Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, Healthcare Innovations, RESNA, Medtrade, International Seating Symposium and European Seating Symposium.

You Have Taken the Measurements…Now What Do They Mean?

Accurate client measurements are an integral part of a developing a successful wheelchair prescription. But what measurements are really useful? How do you interpret these measurements? And what are the implications of making equipment size decisions based on these measurements?

This presentation will focus on the measurement process and explore the translation of measurements as they relate to wheelchair selection and set up for a variety of client diagnostic groups and ages (paediatrics, adult with congenital conditions, adults with progressive conditions, bariatrics etc).

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