As we age mobility can become more of a challenge. When you want to be independent rising out of the chair by yourself can be difficult, and in worst cases it could result in a fall.

A solution to the problem of standing would be a Lift Chair. A lift Chair looks like a comfortable and fashionable recliner chair, except that it can can elevate you gently to a position where your hips are higher than your knees. You can then step away from the chair in control of your balance.

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Choosing A Lift Chair works best when you visit a MEDImobility location. Our experienced staff will work to match you to a proper fitting lift chair.

The quality of your personal fitting makes a significant difference in both usability & safety.

Featuring the top models from Pride, MED-Lift & Golden. We have Edmonton's largest selection of liftchairs at our two locations.

MEDmobility provides a range of models

  • Petite to extra large.
  • Single or dual motor models (For more varied positions).
  • Special fabrics to protect from spills.
  • Optional heat and massage.
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