With cramped spaces and slippery surfaces, the bathroom can be a dangerous room. Bathroom safety products are specially designed to help provide a safe environment and prevent potentially injurous slips and falls.

Every bathroom is different, which is why bathroom safety products are available to meet almost every situation. A MEDmobility home medical equipment specialist can help find the product that’s right for your needs, and determine whether or not you qualify for funding.

  • Bath Chairs and Benches
    low rise bath seat

    Bath Seat Low Rise

    This is a free standing bath stool used to sit on for the bath. Available in adjustable heights.

    bath chair

    Shower/Bath Chair

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    This is a free standing chair to assist you with bathing. It usually has a wider seat and provides more support. Most models are adjustable for height.

    This type of bath chair is available:

    • With or without the back rest.
    • Can be requested with Perineal Cut Out.
    • Available in heavy duty versions for clients from 250 to 500 lbs.

    transfer bench for bath tub

    Tub Transfer Bench

    This is a seat for a user who would have difficulty getting into and out of a bath tub.

    Two of the bench feet are in the tub, the other two are outside the tub. The user then sits on the outside portion of the bench then transfers to the bathing side of the bench.

    Available in heavy duty versions.

    tub transfer board

    Transfer Bath Board

    The board sits across the top of the bath tub and allows the user to sit at the edge of the tub and transfer over.

  • Toilet Risers
    toilet elevator

    Toilet Elevator

    This is a platform that is placed between the toilet and the floor. This provides elevation.

    The benefit of this product is that all family members can use the toilet, it is easier to keep clean and looks better.

  • Bathroom Grab Rails
    wall grab bars

    Wall Grab Bars

    Things to consider:

    • Ability to use the grab bar.
    • Secure mounting to the wall.
    • Mounting in a usable location

    bath tub safety rail

    Bath Tub Safety Rail

    Things to consider:

    Can the bath tub accommodate the model of grab rail being used? - Is the installation tool free. - Is the texture suitable and secure to reduce skipping. - Would you want the grab bar parallel or at right angles for ease of grip.

  • Raised Toilet Seats
    raised toilet seat

    Raised Toilet Seat

    A raised toilet seat can make it easier for the user to stand from a sitting position.

    This reduces the effort required by the user and falls are reduced. The Raised Toilet seats are available in a variety of heights and sizes to match the need of the user and shape of the toilet bowl.

    Different models are available for heavier users.

    raised toilet seat with armrests

    Raised Toilet Seat With Armrest

    The handles provide more stability for the user when sitting or standing.

  • Toilet Arm Rest Frame
    toilet arm rests

    Toilet Arm Rest

    These are easy to attach to most toilets and provide a stable platform to allow the user to stand more easily. Can be used with a raised toilet seat.

    heavy duty toilet frame

    Extra Heavy Duty Toilet Seat with Frame.

    Provides a more stable platform for heavier users. Sometimes can be used as a portable commode depending on the model.

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