Symax S-160 Delite Stair Lift is the best value option for homes with a straight staircase.

  • rider on straight stair lift
  •  straight stair lift at top of stairs
  • parked  straight stair lift
  • remote control

The Symax Stair Lift is only $2,995 when installed in the metro Edmonton area.

For only $2,995 the Symax Stair Lift provides you with the most cost affordable solution to staying in your home and using your stairs safely.

The Delite has all the stair lift features for safety and function that you find in models costing hundreds of dollars more.

The Symax Delite stair lifts are kept in stock at MEDmobility and we are able to get them to you quickly, show you how easy they are to use. Our technicians even take pride in how well they clean up the work area after the installation.

If you would like more information call us or visit to see the Symax Stair Lift in operation at either of our two Edmonton locations.

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  • Durable construction
  • Rapid charging system
  • Smooth start, stop & ride
  • LCD diagnostic display
  • Remote Control
  • Adjustable armrest width
  • Weight & Obstacle sensors
  • Speed protection
  • Swivel seat & key locking protection
  • Continuous operation during power outage
  • Capacity: 350lbs (160kg)

It Is Easy To Purchase A Stair Lift

  1. Contact MEDmobility to request an assessment for a stair lift.
  2. Our product consultant will meet with you to discuss the stair lift and take preliminary measurements.
  3. Our installation team will make an appointment with you to set up a convenient time to install your stair lift.
  4. Spend some time with a MEDmobility staff member to learn how to operate the stairlift, and understand the safety features
  5. Say goodbye to the challenge of those stairs.

Funding - You May Qualify.

Our product consultants can help direct you to the resources available.

At MEDmobility we have been providing accessibility solutions for over 25 years.